Injury prevention

We all know hockey can be a physically demanding sport. Injuries can occur and doing our best.

to avoid them is important to a long successful year. A few things that you can do to avoid and
minimize these possible injuries are:

Start with proper fitting and working equipment. It does not have to be the most
expensive to do its job of protecting you.

Maintain your fitness level. Stick to a balanced program that incorporates Aerobic and
Anaerobic exercises. Strength, balance, and agility are also important.

Warmup and stretch before activity: Focus on shoulders, hips, groin, back and knees.
Dynamic stretching will help prepare your body for activity

Cool down and stretch post activity: Often the most overlooked part because of busy
schedules but very important. Stretching can reduce muscle soreness and keep them
long and flexible.

Hydration: Even mild dehydrations can hurt athletic performance. If you have not had
enough fluids, your body will not be able to cool itself off during performance.

All these things will incrementally keep our body ready for the season.