You can get a one on one session with JP. Each session will be designed by JP Vigier, a Certified Hockey Canada Skills Coach Certified in Manitoba and NHL Alumni. Specific attention to the smallest details. You will have lots of room to work on the details that you want/need. Work on the details that you need to get the edge you want. 

Video Analysis Game Breakdown

JP will use his years of coaching and pro experience to dissect the strengths and weaknesses of your athlete. This will be followed by a session with J.P to demonstrate the exact skills that need improvement. Showing a player their offensive and defensive zone play allows the player to understand and correct their positioning or to have the right thought pattern that would allow him/her to have a better chance at success in their games. Enhancing a players offensive potential or strengthening their defensive positioning can give a player greater success and develop more love for the game.

Hockey Mentorship Program

Hockey can be a fast and exiting game, and at times it can leaving you scratching your head.  Join up with J.P. to go over your game and dissect it down, like the pros do. Thinking like a pro is not easy; J.P. will help you read and react better to allow you to play a more relaxed and stress free game.

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