Hockey Specific Yoga

Hockey-specific yoga training Hockey is a fast-paced, high-intensity sport that requires players to be in top physical condition.  While traditional forms of strength and agility training are important for hockey players, recent studies have shown that hockey-specific yoga training can have a tremendous impact on a player’s performance. Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise […]

Episode 7 – Junior hockey defenseman Drake Burgin

Junior hockey player drake burgin A conversation with Junior A hockey defenseman Drake Burgin about his transition from A1 to NCAA. How to stay motivated during setbacks and how to prepare for each level up.

Episode 4 – Origins

Jp’s story origins From Junior hockey to the pro’s. JP talks about his journey from an unknown player to NCAA to the NHL.

Episode 2 – “Pilot”

Episode 2 – “Pilot” JP and Eric discuss the Brendan Leipsic talk about current events in Pro and Amateur hockey this week.